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Chromebook Guide and Procedures

Beginning of the School Year Distribution

  • All students and parents will have online access to this Chromebook Procedures and Guidelines handbook each year.

  • School year distribution will begin 2 weeks after the first day of school.  Chromebooks and power cords will be designated for in-school use only during the month of August.

  • Students are required to complete the following prior to receiving their Chromebook and accessories:

Students Entering the School or District

  • Upon entering the district, there will be a 5-day waiting period before the student is issued a device. The student will use a device from the school's auxiliary cart until a device has been assigned.

  • If a student is returning to the district and did not turn in all equipment before leaving the district, the student will not be issued a device until the student has paid the fee associated with the missing equipment. 

Students Leaving the School or District

  • At the time of withdrawal, students must return all student learning devices and accessories (e.g. charger and case) in good working condition before transferring to another school within or outside of the district or graduating. 

  • Any items not returned must be paid for at the time of withdrawal.  The school’s technician can explain the process for paying the replacement fee for missing devices and/or accessories.

  • The school will withhold grade reports, diplomas, and/or certificates of progress until restitution is made for lost or damaged student learning devices.

School and Summer Breaks Chromebook Collection

  • Chromebooks with protective cases and power cords will be collected by teachers prior to the winter break, spring break, and summer. 

  • Students needing devices for summer learning will have the following options:

    • Use a personal device.

    • Use a Chromebook from the school cart during the day at the summer school location. The device will not be taken home each day. 

Chromebook Asset Verification 

  • All teachers will perform a monthly Chromebook Asset Verification, using Incident IQ. Chromebook Asset Verification in Incident IQ

  • Teachers will report missing or damaged devices upon completing the Chromebook Asset Verification in Incident IQ. 

  • Each student’s Chromebook must be present during the monthly Chromebook Asset Verification to avoid being reported as missing.  Students who do not have their device during the Chromebook Asset Verification will receive communication from the school, intended for the parent/ guardian. 


Click the banner below for the ELBC Agreement Form

Click on the picture below for Do's And Dont's to take care of your Chromebook

Chromebook Care & Use Guide for Parents & Students - Lewis F. Cole Middle  School